I’ve found quite a few opinions on this movie, not all I deem favorable by any means. Why?

  1. I’m biased. Foreign films with english subtitles get me off and frankly, they could go on for twenty-four hours and I’d hardly have a problem with the time frame or my lackthereof-life.
  2. This catalogued the true story of George Sand’s relationship with Alfred de Musset, although brief as it was in other films (Impromptu). It’s supposed to be realistic - which means, yes, they’re both going to make mistakes. Yes, she’s going to run back to him in spite of all the negative energy enveloping their relationship. I felt for both of them, to speak plainly, but that didn’t foreshadow the root of the entire story — love is blinding, insistent, and unrelenting. Haven’t most of us ran back to a man/woman who clearly wasn’t good enough for us or good for us?? Hasn’t everyone fallen deeply in love only to fall out of love just as quickly?

We can all go on hoping that our lives and relationships will equate to a Jane Austen novel with the same romantic conclusion, but not everyones’ lives happen according to plan. Les Enfants du Siecle (The Children of the Century) is unfortunately how a lot of lives/relationships end up- miserable, gloomy, and full of regret. If anything, those who’ve watched it should find a lesson therein or the beauty in how powerful love can be.